OsiriX 6 lançado

OsiriX 6.0 is now available. 

38 improvements including: 
- Compatibility from OS X 10.8 to 10.10 
- Built with Xcode 6, LLVM 6.0 
- DICOM SCP: multiple database support 
- DICOM SCP: support for PACS-On-Demand servers (proxy) 
- Database: multiple hard disks for storage 
- PACS-On-Demand: Series Level support 
- Support for DICOM files with floating pixels 
- Open multiple local databases at the same time 
- DICOM Dictionary updated to 2013 version 
- Routing: Delete study after successful routing option 
- Weasis 2.0.2 
- Options for folders name in DICOM Export 
- Support DICOM images starting with 0x0000 group 
- Support DICOM Worklist queries in QR window 
- Unify patientID through C-Find or WorkList queries 
- Workspace state: Restore reformat setting 
- DICOM files: allow re-compression of already compressed files 
- Option to delete all studies of a patient 
- Support for Breast Tomosynthesis objects 
- Meta-Data: contextual menu to save raw data field 
- Better SPECT-CT, MR-PET image registration 
- Export 'Key Images' as 16-bit image 
17 reproducible bugs corrected 
16 reproducible crashes corrected